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"...shut up the words, and seal the book until the time of the end; many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall increase" - Daniel 12:4.

width= The Panoptic World appears to be a great antidote to the epidemic of uninforstupidity plaguing all of our minds at this strange juncture in history (April 12, 2004)." - Douglas Rushkoff

Fascinating site - so typical of you! - Prof Philip M. Taylor, University of Leeds, United Kingdom (March 25, 2004)

"...a lively site for the expression of opinion in a fast and changing world. Ironically, such criticism-focused sites appear to be signs of health in the very society that's criticised. A delicious irony. - David Brin (April 26, 2004)

Quote: The only power tyrants have, is the power relinquished to them by their victims. -- Éttiene de la Boétie, 1552.

Welcome to my homepage. It is an archival journey of my works, my experiences, travels and insights. Read them all here and follow the trail.... Below is my latest commentary.


REVOLT OF THE GLOBAL MIDDLE CLASS By Mathew Maavak (Winter, 2011). Will the Current Global Wave of Revolutions and Protests Lead to a Total Surveillance Society? A peer-reviewed article published by the World Future Review

EMERGING THREATS: CREATION OF A REGIONAL FORESIGHT MATRIX By Mathew Maavak. This presentation broached on the importance of including "Foresight" into a regional or industrial security calculus. It was made during the International Industry Security Seminar on July 25-26, 2011 at G Hotel, Penang. The event -- primarily organized by the Malaysian Crime Prevention Foundation (Penang) -- brought together local and international speakers in the various fields of specialized security. It was notably graced by the presence of Malaysia's Inspector General of Police and the Chief Minister of Penang.

A WORLD OF ABBREVIATED CRITERIONS By Mathew Maavak (Oct 12, 2009) The Nobel Peace Prize awarded to US President Barrack Obama is another revelatory instance of our shortening standards. We are not governed by reason but by acronyms. In fact, our self-worth is set by them.

A ROULETTE OF TERROR, NUKES AND JIHAD By Mathew Maavak (May 18, 2009) After almost eight years, Operation Enduring Failure, as it should appropriately be called, is leading up to one inevitable question: Is it time to move from surgical strikes to the sterilization and cauterization of Pashtun lands in the Af-Pak region? By Mathew Maavak (Oct 10, 2009)

THERE IS INDEED A CHRISTMAS STORY By Mathew Maavak (Dec 21, 2008). Never had such a transplanted festival create a sense of oneness among children. Take away Christmas and you take away a seasonal joy entitled to them. It is so innately appealing to children that they universally provide the best celebratory squeals in honor of the most famous birth ever recorded -- and contested -- in history. As for the date Dec 25, there might be a surprise here...

LAYING PALIN'S WARDROBE BARE By Mathew Maavak (Oct 26, 2008).  What links mega-evangelism and compassionate conservatism to the porn industry? This is not the only quadrillion-dollar question left unanswered in the 2008 US presidential debates. That "drill, baby, drill" circus has thundered out a financial and social tsunami gathering current.

I wish the article below -- written two years ago -- was just another horror story, but it sure doesn't look like it:

WE ARE IN A BAD FIX By Mathew Maavak (Oct 9, 2007). This is a planet in denial. While the existential question gets a red hot "apocalypse now" for an answer, our stock markets seem to have regained paradise lost.If wars are yet contained, bidding wars will yet emerge over wheat, water, fish, medicines and oil. What will the future hold in this ecology of crises?